Dear guests,
Welcome to Český Krumlov. We would like to invite you to the pension “Hotel Belarie”, for your comfortable stay in our town. The pension is situated in the heart of Český Krumlov, Dlouhá street 96.

We offer accommodation in luxurior rooms, furnished in Ludvik XIV. style. These are mainly presented in 5 furnished rooms of individual architectural styles. All rooms are equipped with mini-bar, telephone, colour television with satellite, own bathroom with bath or shower corner.

For the satisfaction of our guests we provide the appropriate services of a **** pension. Our stylish restaurant offers wide selection of Czech and international cuisine inclusive of large-scale assortment of drinks. In the summer time you can spend your time on the terrace situated on the bank of Vltava river. There is magnificent view of the Český Krumlov castle.

The legend of the Belárie house

Český Krumlov is an ancient town of narrow streets. Any visitor of the old town may desire to know what sort of secret it is hidden under its cover. Ordinary people lived around in every house coping with their destiny. Some of their destinies had been forgotten long ago, some have remained up to nowadays through a strange phenomenon appearing occasionally. We feel that it represents something which is still valuable to us.

You are now present in the restaurant, that has experienced series of phenomenon in the past. You have just found a pleasant place to rest, refresh yourself with drink, to dine or have a little snack. The view of ever lasting rock massive with the vast castle complex on the top and beneath the river singing the same beautiful song for centuries, this all together may evoke a need to know more than it is written in the Town Guide. Here you are – a story, which had happened a long time ago, nevertheless a time spun – it is still being perceived as a sort of living mystery.

When the present owner bought the house and he started to pursue changes including constructional modifications, he encountered strange events. Doors opened themselves, things changed place without any assistance of a human being. After all modifications and redevelopment were finished, strange phenomenon appeared more than ever. One could feel sort of chill crawling across his back. Nobody was able to explain reasons why it happens. Something peculiar was sniffing around, one could smell a strange unknown breath full of secret and old times pain.

It is a splendid day. The sun shines and penetrates the narrow streets of the Old Town reaching Dlouhá (Long) Street. There is a wedding celebration in one of the houses on Dlouhá Street today. Every moment one can hear laughing and clinking of glasses disturbed only by quests to tinkle by a silver spoon against a glass to ask audience for attention pronouncing another wedding wish for a newly married couple. Indeed, they are good looking couple. Though, the bride is of pale look, of course, quests show understanding for her paleness. She must be a little bit excited, no wonder, today it is one of the most important days in her life. The groom´s face seems to show happiness, he has nothing to complain about. He managed to marry a woman of his dreams. His family is well situated as they belong to the upper middle class in the town. His father works as a copper-worker making good money for living apart from being a member of the Town Council. He also owns the house next door. He knows well the reasons for his daughter in law paleness. The bride´s parents are familiar too, but for the time being, they are not so much worried. Their daughter named Dorothea will get used to her husband. There is nothing to do about it anyway. The wedding celebration continues contributing to delight of all quests.

While afternoon progresses and steps forward to evening, shadows are getting longer. Servants are preparing travel bags and a coach. The young couple is moving to the distant town of České Budějovice as the father of the groom bought the house to them there. He also arranged the house to be costly furbished. Why not, his only son is getting married! The coach waits and the young couple gets on. A coachman steps to a box, just last greeting and horses start to move. The wedding celebration continues, glasses clink. Farewell diner is served. Afterwards, the house gets quiet. Last quests just left. Night rules the sleepy town.

The Black Tower clock begins to strike twelve. As the last strike is over, the door of bride´s parent bedroom opens and slams against a wall. Already awakened, both they can see something of a white substance stepping inside and approaching their large bed. They are not even able to consider what happened and a white substance disappears. Trying to calm down and facing restless night, finally they fall asleep. At once, the bride´s mother wakes up on her bed and shouts: “ No!” She had a bad dream. Her just married daughter Dorothea approached her bed and reproached her for forcing to marry a man she has never loved. She said that when her mother would be awake, neither she would be alive nor her husband. While crying, the mother was telling what happened to her husband. They did not close their eyes until morning. At eight o´clock in the morning somebody knocked at the outside door. Dorothea´s father opened. There was a messenger – boy standing in front dragging his heels and squeezing his cap. They both knew what he was going to say. They asked him to come in. He said that when he had been travelling to Český Krumlov, he had found a coach turned over next to the road, everybody was dead. Only horses had survived an accident. Nobody had seen what had happened. Nobody had been able to explain anything. There is a big question mark related to this event which remains until nowadays. Only from time to time made called Dorothea reveals in the house recalling her previous existence. In past, people who have lived in the house used to say a mass dedicated to Dorothea. Some used to say they could feel a strange breeze of the other world coming out of her presence. Who knows what had actually happened that day somewhere after Mirkovice village.